Product Engineering

Product Engineering Services

With a product development DNA, Winjay Solutions helps global leaders drive product development, commercialization, customization, and maintenance. We specialize in verticals such as Automotive, Enterprise-Grade Devices, Smart Devices and Wearables, Public Safety, Satcom, Telecom, Industrial, and Retail.

We partner with our customers to provide new/derivative product development capability as well as sustenance and maintenance of existing product lines. We are able to ‘connect the dots and help customers create new products due to our unrivaled understanding of the entire stack right from semiconductor platforms and hardware to wireless standards, multimedia, connectivity, and testing

This enables us to support the PDLC from design to deployment. We also provide geography-specific customization which enables our customers to make bespoke products for key markets. We provide upgrade and maintenance services for n-1 or n-2 generation products to help extend their useful life, which is often a key to retain brand loyalty.

Winjay Solutions provides a host of testing services that include Test Automation, Consultancy, Test Specifications, Product Testing, and Application Testing prove invaluable to companies seeking to optimize the cost of maximizing their investments through the product development lifecycle.

  • New Product Introduction/Derivatives
  • Productization and Commercialization
  • Management of end-of-life and Sustenance
  • Product Re-Engineering