In the coming decade, organizations across multiple industries will realize the potential impact of Blockchain – DLT based solutions on business functions. This impact can be felt by blockchain-based solutions helping generate incremental revenues from business as usual processes as well as opening up new potential areas of revenue for them. Blockchain technology will also have a direct impact on reducing the cost of operations and help reduce operational inefficiencies to a large extent.

Digital Application

Delivering tailor made & innovative solutions for augmented user exp.

Applied Intelligence

Transforming the Nature of Work with AI.


Empowering digital intelligence for a flawless customer experience.


New blockchain-based revenue streams: Business consulting in identifying and realizing newer business models and revenue streams that can be enabled by implementation of a Blockchain based environment. Establishing a trusted ecosystem: A scalable platform that can help ease on-boarding of multiple entities in the ecosystem and maintaining data security and access by fine grained permissioning mechanisms. Inter-platform interoperability: Experience in multiple blockchain platforms (Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, Corda), across development frameworks (Node.js, Solidity, Java, Truffle), and, production environment (On-premise, AWS, MS Azure, GCP). Accelerated implementation framework: Leveraging cross-platform, low code app development platforms to increase reusability, save the cost of development, and improve time to market.

Benefits of Blockchain solution

  • Lesser disputes among all actors in the ecosystem
  • Decentralized and distributed systems enable faster transactions and reconciliations
  • Immutability allows the establishment of True data provenance and builds trust in processes
  • Cost reductions due to reduced dependence on standalone legacy systems, and reduced
    manual intervention in integrating multiple source systems
  • Immutable logs and records ensure the validity of all historical and current transactions, this
    helps in Fraud prevention and assists in regulatory compliances


Multimodal ticketing platform using Blockchain to enable real-time revenue reconciliation

Supply chain management – establishing traceability of product quality and accountability


We help our customers in the complete lifecycle of developing and deploying Blockchain-based solutions.

Discovery & use case validation

  • Identify use cases for blockchain-based on potential business impact
  • Determine technology feasibility of the use case
  • Determine business feasibility ( Rol, partnership, Requirements, business process,
    regulations etc.)
  • Create and define the conceptual architecture of the use case.

Proof of concept

  • Scope determination of proof of concept
  • Technology and development platform selection
  • Development of the PoC – Blockchain backend + Mobile/Web frontend
  • Test the PoC in a simulated/real environment based on complexity.

MVP development

  • Architecture design for the minimum viable product/platform
  • Development of blockchain platform + front end ( Web/Mobile application)
  • Agile based development and execution
  • Testing and assurance in the real operating environment

Sustenance and monitoring

  • Platform/product feature enhancement
  • Maintenance and support – L2 & L3
  • Leverage automation as the product matures