Internet of things (IOT)

In today’s digital economy, leveraging IoT has evolved from a connectivity strategy to an all-round business transformation strategy through smart products and intelligent operations. As customers seek to deliver enhanced experiences, IoTization helps deliver superior engagement at a lower cost of operations with greater reliability.

Key Imperatives of IoT Enablement

Consumer Product IoTization

Product redesign, sensor enablement, and use case development for enhanced functionality and customer engagement

Industrial IoT driven new business models

New revenue streams through asset performance management/ monetization

Connected operations and factories

Operating efficiencies of your plant and factories through better operations visibility, improved HMI and predictive maintenance

We’re Helping Deliver

Consumer Product IoTization: Transform existing products or design new products through connected functionality and experiences

Industrial IoT driven business models: Create new revenue streams through proprietary IoT Platforms

Connected operations and factories: Connect assets and get a real-time view of the operations; drive greater predictability and reliability through preventive maintenance; enhance operator productivity through enhanced HMI solutions

Supply chain track and trace: Track goods as they move through the supply chain to improve inventory planning, reduce liabilities of pilferage

Field service operations: Enable and equip field service operations workforce with AR/VR technologies and predictive troubleshooting to improve first-time resolution and shorter resolution times


We work with customers across all major IoT platforms and technologies to offer services in the following areas:

IoT Platform Engineering: IoT platform development & rollout cloud on-prem agnostic based
on Azure/AWS/ThingWorx or indigenous development

Edge Engineering: Add smarts to the devices and value realization near the customer. This
largely involves pushing AI/ML on the device

Connectivity & IoTization of assets: Add appropriate connectivity protocols & capabilities
with support for standards-based protocols and device drivers

Value Delivery based on Asset Data: Processing large volumes of data and making it
available via various means such as Mobile, Web Applications, AR devices, etc.